Alle dyr skal ha det godt!

Lucas organisasjonen was established in 2016 and has already helped more than 900 animals in need. 

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Can't adopt? Bli fosterhjem!

We always need new foster homes for our animals! At our shelter we have kitties and adult cats,

and usually the adult cats are the ones in need of a foster home.

We kindly ask you to read the information on this website to get a glimpse of what's needed from a foster home,

and also what you get in "return" from the animal you helped save.

About Lucas

Lucas organisasjonen was established in 21/05/2016 and has already helped more than 700 animals in need. With our own shelter in Øksnevad and around 50 volunteers, we spend several hours daily on our animals. In addition to the animals in our shelter we have several foster homes. All the contributions are from volunteers and therefore there is always a need for new people and donations to keep helping animals in need.

One of our goals is to contribute to minimize the problem of homeless cats in Stavanger and sorrounding cities. We want to do something about this because cats are not part of the norwegian fauna. Our motto is "Alle dyr skal ha det godt" - all animals should be well - and homeless cats are often suffering if they can't get the care of a vet in the event of injury or sickness.

Thanks for your help!