If you injure or come across an injured wild animal, the wild animals committee must be contacted. If you come across a more typical pet such as a dog or cat, a veterinarian should be contacted.
Cats, dogs and other animals are hit in traffic. According to the Road Traffic Act, the driver has a special responsibility to check the extent of the damage and provide the necessary assistance.
Contact your veterinarian to have the injuries assessed. In many cases, the cat will be killed due to extensive injuries, but they will not have to suffer longer than necessary
Feel free to take a picture on your mobile. Not that it should be shared with the whole world, but it can be useful in tracing and clarifying the owner. For example. If someone misses a cat, then a small feature of a picture may be exactly what they need to deny or confirm that it is their cat.
Check for ID chip. Chip is read on a chip in the neck, preferably at the vet, or call for someone with a chip reader on Facebook.
Take care of the cat. An injured cat is naturally a scared cat, and scared and injured cats hide. If this happens they could suffer a cruel death if they are not taken care of.
We have helped cats that have just taken their last breath in our lap, on their way to the vet. At least then they have not died alone.
The general duty to help (cf. the Animal Welfare Act) also applies to those who happen to come across a hit and already dead animal. If the animal is dead, and you find it at the roadside, the remains must be handled in accordance with waste regulations.