We need foster homes for our animals at all times! At our center we have adult cats and kittens, and it is most often adult cats who have the greatest need for foster care. We ask that you read the information below to get an insight into what is required of you as a foster home, and also what you "get" in return for the animal you help to save.

For us it's important that:

🐾   You have room in your heart and house, and the time to give to a cat who may not have had the best start in life. A cat that has lived a life of homelessness often shows unimaginable gratitude.

🐾   You are willing to spend the time and patience a cat needs! Many cats are insecure about humans after being homeless and need socialization - this is a process that takes weeks and months, and which in most cases is best done in a foster home.

🐾   As a foster home, you must be prepared for the fact that you may not receive an easy cat. Our main goal is to save homeless animals, and these are mainly cats that have been out for a long time as it is the biggest problem in Stavanger.

🐾   You must notify the shelter well in advance if you can no longer have the cat. Unfortunately, for example, it is not enough to say after a couple of days that "I do not have the opportunity to have the cat anymore". In most cases, we need a foster home where the cat can be for days, maybe months or an agreed period of time. We have far too few foster homes and it is therefore not easy to move a cat during the day.

🐾   Good hygiene is important when you have one or more cats in the house. The litter must be cleaned daily, washed as needed, water bowls changed regularly, the water changed daily and food bowl refilled and washed as needed.

🐾   The cat must be inside! As it is a temporary home, the cat should not go out. It is therefore important that you secure the home and take the necessary precautions to prevent the cat from getting out.

🐾   The foster home must be willing to accept potential new families to greet the kitty in the foster home. We only arrange contact with people who have been with us and have been approved for adoption.

🐾   The foster homes must follow our guidelines and instructions for food for the cat.

🐾   The foster home must follow up with medication that is necessary for the cat to recover from illness/sickness. All examinations and treatment are done through our veterinarian and by appointment.

🐾   A cat should not leave the foster home until this has been agreed with the contact person who has had the conversation with the new home. The foster home shall not be responsible for any relocation, this is done by Lucas org.

🐾   Foster homes cover food and sand for the cat, Lucas org will cover any veterinary expenses.

Some info about the work done with the cats:

🐾   All cats admitted to the shelter receive a health check.

🐾   We work actively to try to get good homes for all cats that are at the help center and in our foster homes. With us, there is no distinction between social and scared animals - everyone has the right to a good future (if it is justifiable). We will do everything in our power to socialize these animals and to provide loving homes.

🐾   If a potential new home wants to greet a cat in a foster home, we contact the foster home, arrange a meeting and the like. It is then agreed in more detail when it suits both parties that they can greet. Sometimes it will be the same evening, other times a few days later. The potential new owner gets a contact person in Lucas org. which he/she can contact with questions and if they want to adopt the cat they are visiting.

🐾    A contract must be signed both between the foster home and Lucas org and in the event of any relocation of a cat.


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