We are so proud and happy for everyone who wants and supports us and all our partners! Without you, we will not get as far in the work we do to save as many animals as possible.

Thanks to all of you!

Our main partners for veterinary services are Jæren dyrehelse. A fantastic clinic that works 24/7 and takes good care of us and our animals! https://www.jaerendyrehelse.no/

Andre samarbeidspartnere for veterinærtjenester er:

🐾  https://www.facebook.com/SeleDyreklinikk/

🐾   https://www.dalanedyreklinikk.no/

🐾   https://www.haugalanddyreklinikk.no/

Our main partner in pet stores is PET XL. A fantastic shop with everything you need for your pet and great service. Once a year, we arrange together an adoption day where we have a stand inside the store and everyone who is wondering about adoption through us is welcome to drop by.

Everyone who adopts through us gets a 10% discount on products for cats.

🐾 https://www.petxl.no/ - They are worth a visit!

Our foster homes get good prices on HC Pet. A store with lots of knowledge and always good service.

🐾 https://www.hcpet.no/

🐾 https://www.royalcanin.com/no

🐾   https://anytail.no/

We are so happy to have a partnership with Dyre ID so that we can offer that all our cats are chipped and are included in the adoption fee! We encourage EVERYONE to chip their animals.


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