What does a volunteer do?

The Lucas organization wants to promote animal welfare and we want to give animals who need it a chance in this life! We therefore need skilled and committed people to help strengthen our organization. Are you one of them? As a volunteer at Lucas, you will be involved in building and shaping a solid and robust animal welfare organization that has plans to exist for years to come!
You will get to be with animals who need a second chance at life.
There are many things you can do to contribute, read the list under.


Cleaning of litters
Cleaning and tidying of cages and the shelter itself
Changing the blankets the cats sleep on


Give medicines if needed


Lots of cuddles and help with socialization of wild cats

People who work here must have enough time for each shift, as we currently have around 50 cats (large and small). Going through the routine for a shift takes a few hours as we expect the job to be done properly.

We have 2 shifts per day all week, a morning shift that is from 9 to 12 and an evening shift that is from 17 to 20. (it is possible to discuss time). We hope that there will be enough volunteers to cover each shift, especially the evening shift as there are several tasks more than the morning shift.

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People who work as volunteers here have skills such as:

Love and care about animals
Not afraid to take a situation in their own hand
Tidy and organized
Loyal and show up at the shift